Fabião Soares graduated in Social Communication at FAAP and has MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. He started his career as Visual Effects Supervisor, and  later became a member of the Los Angeles Visual Effects Society; there he overlooked various advertising pieces, video clips, and feature films. In 2003 he became a movie director and was nominated for the New Director’s Show Case by Saatch & Saatchi at the Cannes Film Festival. He became a partner of the Brazilian production company Conspiração Filmes in 1998 where he directed over 300 advertising pieces, video clips, documentaries, and short-films. In 2012, he became a member of the Blue Man Group’s creative board as executive director, working with new business in Brazil. In 2016 was part of the artistic team of the Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony as projection content director. He is currently a partner and the Creative Director of Oitozerooito.
Wagner Gorab graduated in Advertising at ESPM and has an Entertainment Arts specialization from the New York University. He initiated his career at Abril Publishing Group, where he worked for TVA, Abril Entertainment, Abril Publishing and MTV, and went through several areas such as Communication, Marketing, Research, Publishing, New Businesses, Licensing and Branded Content. He was responsible for launching many titles in the publishing industry and for the development of many campaigns and advertising projects, amongst events, custom content projects, in partnership with prestigious brands. He was a Marketing Director for MTV Brazil and also for Abril Publishing. Many of his works have received prestigious awards from Cannes Festival, ABEMD, Marketing Best and Abril Marketing Award. Since 2014, he is a partner and the Executive Director of Oitozerooito.

Francis Reti
Project Management

Manoel Paiva
Financial Strategy

Fernanda Padrão
Production Coordination

Eduardo Caetano
Data Intelligence

Gabriel de Carvalho
Experience Design

Eduardo Ribeiro
Art Direction

Marina Garcia
Art Direction

Gustavo Abreu
Content Strategy

Bruna Petean
Social Media

Manoela Meirelles
Social Media

Matheus Marcato

Francisco Pantaleão
Data Intelligence

Maria J Giraldo
Change-makers Curatorship

Paulo Camossa
Advertising Marketing

Matheus Pazetti

Ricca Porto

Manoel Brasil

Marco Vettore

Ana Moura

Chico Vilhena

Carol Baum